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African union donates about k74 million to flood disaster response operations
06 Apr 2019

African union donates about k74 million to flood disaster response operations

The African Union (AU) on Saturday (6th April, 2019) announced a donation of US$100,000 (about K74 million) towards flood disaster response operations.

Speaking when she addressed people residing at Nyangu Camp in T/A Makhuwira, Chikwawa, the in-coming chairperson of the AU Sub-Committee on Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons, Rebecca Otengo; said the donation will make a difference.

“We have made a donation of US$ 100,000 and although this is not a huge sum of money, we believe that it will make a difference in alleviating challenges being faced by people in need of relief assistance,” said Otengo, who was in the company of three other senior officials from the AU.

Otengo, whose organization has also donated US$100,000 and US$150,000 to Zimbabwe and Mozambique respectively, called on the affected people to take experts’ advise seriously.

“When you are told to move upland, please do so, this is for your own good,” said Otengo who also advised parents to ensure that their children are attending classes at their various schools.

In his remarks, DoDMA’s Director of Response and Recovery Harris Kachale commended AU for the donation and visit.

“You have travelled a very long distance to visit the affected people in their camps. This really shows that you care and that you wanted to have first-hand information with regard to the situation following the devastating floods which left over 89,000 people displaced. Your donation is a sign of unconditional unity amongst AU member states,” said Kachale.

The AU officials arrived in the country on Thursday, on humanitarian assessment mission, following flood disasters that affected 15 districts of the country.  They were accompanied to Chikwawa and Nsanje by officials from DoDMA, the Malawi Defence Force and the South African National Defence Force.  

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