Who are we?


To become a highly reliable,efficient,effective and proactive disaster risk management coordinating institution that in turn is socially,politically and economically vibrant and sustainable.


To effectively coordinate the implementation of disaster risk management programmes through overseeing disaster prevention,mitigation,preparedness,response and recovery activities.


To coordinate and direct the implementation of disaster risk management programmes in Malawi.


  • DRR is mainstreamed into policies, strategies and programmes at all levels.
  • An effective system is in place to identify, assess and monitor national and cross-border risks.
  • A people-centred early warning system is developed and strengthened at national and local levels.
  • Knowledge, education and innovations are used to promote culture of safety, and adoption of intervention that enhance resilience.
  • Underlying risk factors of communities and households are holistically identified and addressed.
  • Capacity strengthened for effective response and recovery at all levels
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